The SCHI Lab forms part of the Multi-Sensory Devices (MSD) group
Multi-Sensory Devices (MSD) group is an interdisciplinary research group with a core interest in creating new forms of interactive multisensory user experiences through the development and exploitation of novel sensor and actuator technology. We are a full-stack research group combining physical and social sciences with prototyping, electronic control, computational fabrication, perceptual research, and experience design. The MSD group consists of several PhD students and postdoctoral staff exploring research at the intersection of these disciplines.
Daniel Hjas
Daniel Hajas passes his PhD Viva
Congratulations Daniel Hajas for successfully defending your Phd thesis “Ultrasonic mid-air haptic technology in context of science communication”. Thanks to the examination committee including Prof Karon MacLean from University of British Columbia and Prof Ian Wakeman from University of Sussex. Congratulations Dr Hajas!
Marianna Obrist joins UCL
Marianna Obrist, alongside Sriram Subramanian and Diego Martinez Plasencia from the Interact Lab, joined the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC) to form the largest grouping of Human-Computer Interaction researchers in the world! She is joined by her two postdoctoral researchers Dr Emanuela Maggioni and Dr Patricia Cornelio in order to foster the research on multisensory experiences and interfaces. Marianna is remaining a Visiting Professor at the University of Sussex to supervise PhD students and support junior researchers in their career trajectory. 

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Pre-order book on “Multisensory Experiences”
Most of our everyday life experiences are multisensory in nature; that is, they consist of what we see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and much more. Almost any experience you can think of, such as eating a meal or going to the cinema, involves a magnificent sensory world. Multisensory Experiences: Where the senses meet technology looks at this trend and offers a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic world of multisensory experiences and design. It takes the reader from the fundamentals of multisensory experiences, through the relationship between the senses and technology, to finally what the future of those experiences may look like, and our responsibility in it. This book empowers you to shape your own and other people’s experiences by considering the multisensory worlds that we live in through a journey that marries science and practice, and shows how we have taken advantage of the senses that shape our experiences through intelligent technological design.

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About the SCHI Lab

The SCHI Lab research lies in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), an area in which research on multisensory experiences makes a difference on how we design and interact with technology in the future. The interdisciplinary team explores tactile, gustatory, and olfactory experiences as novel interaction modalities.



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