Invited Talk - 18th March 2016 - 11am - Arundel Building, Room: 223
Grace Boyle, creator of the feelies, a multi-sensory cinema and Shuffle Festival.
Charles Michel, experience designer / researcher – University of Oxford.

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Grace is the creator of The Feelies, the first public multi-sensory cinema based around virtual reality. Made in collaboration with virtual reality company VRSE, perfume artist Nadjib Achaibou and Charles Michel, researcher at the Crossmodal Research Lab at Oxford University, the first Feelies was a 40-minute theatrical experience attended by 600 people over 7 days, in August 2015. It was featured in the Independent, the Guardian and Vice/Motherboard, and quickly sold out.

Charles is a Colombian-French professional chef graduated from the ‘Institut Paul Bocuse’ cookery school in Lyon, France in 2006. After a classical training in Michelin-starred restaurants, his work as a cook took a turn in a collaborative research with professor Charles Spence, applying insights from sensory and psychological science to experience design.

Invited Talk - 7th March 2016 - 11am - Arundel Building, Room: 223
Kate Kirby, Founder & Director of Kindred Planet Productions on Immersive Storytelling & Empathy Engineering.

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Visiting documentary filmmaker, Kate Kirby, presents the tale of her unorthodox journey to the intersection of art and science, and a vision for the future of multi-sensory storytelling. The presentation will include video clips from past projects and ideas for “9D TV” productions.

Invited Talk - 26th February 2016 - Arundel Building, Room: 223
Dr Michael Bale on Neural coding of trigeminal primary afferents.
Invited Talk - 4th December 2015 - Arundel Building, Room: 223
Prof Jamie Ward on Synaesthesia and Sensory Substitution Devices.

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