Andreas Keller
Invited Talk - 24th August 2018 – 11am Chichester 3 Building, Room: 3R241
Talk by Dr Andreas Keller on "Human Olfaction in Health and Disease".

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When we smell, we detect the complex mixtures of volatile molecules in the air around us. I will present our current understanding of the interaction between odorous molecules and their receptors in our nose and how this interaction results in smell perception. I will also discuss the many ways in which olfactory perception can be disturbed in different diseases. We recently developed a diagnostic test for olfactory dysfunction that addresses some of the short-comings of other tests but delivering olfactory stimuli with the precision required for a clinical diagnostic device remains challenging.

Short Bio

Andreas Keller, the author of The Philosophy of Olfactory Perception, has tested different aspects of olfactory perception in over 1,000 subjects in Leslie Vosshall's lab at the Rockefeller University. The results of his psychophysical studies have shed light on human olfactory capacities, on the relation between the structure and smell of odor molecules, and on the perceptual consequences of variability in odorant receptor genes. Together with Professor Vosshall and Julien Hsieh, Keller is working on diagnostic tools for the detection of olfactory dysfunction.

About the SCHI Lab

The SCHI Lab research lies in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), an area in which research on multisensory experiences makes a difference on how we design and interact with technology in the future. The interdisciplinary team explores tactile, gustatory, and olfactory experiences as novel interaction modalities.



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