Sensing mid-air on the full body

Sensing mid-air on the full body

There is a wide range of studies on touch in the scientific realm. With the advance of technology we now have a new way to stimulate our tactile perception: through mid-air. These devices are capable of delivering a tactile feedback without directly touching the skin, making the experience natural and accessories-free. Research on mid-air touch is still focused on the human hands, leaving the rest of the body underexploited. Nevertheless, we have reasons to believe that the whole body should be involved when we talk about touch. If we think about emotions for instance, we know that a big part of the body is innervated by c-tactile fibres (specialized in the perception of emotional touch). Recent work has shown that emotions can be mediated through mid-air tactile stimulation (still limited on the hand as target), but also that various parts of the body can be mapped towards specific emotions. Both these research efforts suggest that studies in HCI should be focused beyond the hands and explore the whole body to enhance interactive experiences.




25 February 2016



About the SCHI Lab

The SCHI Lab research lies in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), an area in which research on multisensory experiences makes a difference on how we design and interact with technology in the future. The interdisciplinary team explores tactile, gustatory, and olfactory experiences as novel interaction modalities.



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