Tate Sensorium

Tate Sensorium

Despite the fact that nature provided us with many senses to perceive, and interact with the world around us, vision and hearing as interactive means have been dominating the field of HCI for decades. Only recently, HCI researchers increasingly harness touch, and started to explore taste and smell for designing interactive experiences. In the Tate Sensorium project, a multisensory display at Tate Britain – a leading art gallery in London – we explored the effect of multisensory stimuli on visitors experience of art. Four paintings were selected and enhanced through multisensory stimuli using sounds, mid-air haptics, scents, and taste. We collected feedback from over 2500 participants in a six week live event. The insights on the individual and overall multisensory experiences provide strong motivation for future research, especially to combine efforts between curators, artists, and HCI researchers.

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31 January 2016



About the SCHI Lab

The SCHI Lab research lies in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), an area in which research on multisensory experiences makes a difference on how we design and interact with technology in the future. The interdisciplinary team explores tactile, gustatory, and olfactory experiences as novel interaction modalities.



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