Invited Keynote at CHItaly 2017
Marianna Obrist will give a Keynote at CHItaly 2017 talking about “Mastering the Senses in HCI: Towards Multisensory Interfaces”. The 12th Edition of CHItaly, the biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter, will be held from 18th to 20th of September 2017 in Cagliari. The Italian ACM SIGCHI Chapter, called SIGCHI Italy, has been officially chartered on April 24, 1996. Its aim is to promote an increased knowledge and greater interest in the science, technology, design, development, and application of methods/tools/techniques for HCI. SIGCHI Italy has scientific and educational goals, and aims to provide a mean of communication between persons having interest in HCI. See more details about SIGCHI Italy.
SCHI Lab @ British Science Festival 2017
Emanuela Maggioni, postdoctoral research fellow, has been successfully secured a representation of the SCHI Lab at the British Science Festival 2017 that will take place from the 5-9 September, 2017 in Brighton. We will showcase our latest research and demos on “Olfactory Interaction”.
ACM SIGCHI Communication Ambassador Initiative
Marianna Obrist is leading a new global Ambassador initiative for ACM SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction), which is the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology & human-computer interaction (HCI). Marianna is selected member of the ACM SIGCHI Communications Team. See more information:
PhD Internship @ Disney Research
Dario Pittera, PhD student in Informatics (supervised by Dr Marianna Obrist and Prof Anil Seth) successfully completed a 4-months Internship at Disney Research in Pittsburgh, USA; working with Dr Ali Israr on novel haptic interfaces. See more information:
Dmitrijs Dmitrenko attending the AutomotiveUI conference
Dmitrijs has attended the 8th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (Automotive'UI 16) taking place in Ann Arbor, MI, USA, October 24-26, 2016. He presented a short paper entitled “A Comparison of Scent-Delivery Devices and Their Meaningful Use for In-Car Olfactory Interaction” and co-authored with Dr Chi Thanh Vi and Dr Marianna Obrist. The presented work on designing olfactory interaction for the automotive context received positive feedback and stimulated various discussions on future research opportunities.

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About the SCHI Lab

The SCHI Lab research lies in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), an area in which research on multisensory experiences makes a difference on how we design and interact with technology in the future. The interdisciplinary team explores tactile, gustatory, and olfactory experiences as novel interaction modalities.


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